Leadership Development
Programs & Training

Telebridge Communications proven training techniques and selective hiring have resulted in exceptional performance by our agents. All of our agents take part in a series of remote and client-specific training sessions. These courses normally run for anywhere from 1-2 weeks.

During this tenure, our agents are coached in a classroom setting the training utilizes lectures, student interaction, tape listening sessions and role-playing exercises. Once this is complete, our agents go through a test via written and oral examinations.

Skills and Product Knowledge

Feature one

Communication & Listening

Feature two

Sales & Customer Service

Feature three

Familiarity with Software

Feature four

Specific Product Knowledge

We at Telebridge are always keen in improving English language of our employees through training classes that is focusing on speech, grammar, and accent. Not only this, we also train our employees in geography and other relevant subjects to make sure they are familiar with North American culture in general.

All our clients have been very pleased with the impact of the English spoken by Telebridge employees. We thrive to place great emphasis on coaching at Telebridge Communications; it is an ongoing process for all members working a Telebridge. Be it Agents, Supervisors, Shift Managers, and Quality Assurance personnel.